Basic Sciences of physics Education

Feb 28, 2013

" physics as applied science base "

Nowadays people are so facilitated by a variety of technologies. Technology in the field of transportation allows people to travel far in a reasonable time. Aircraft, ships, trains, buses, cars, motorcycles, and bicycles are several means of transportation have created man. the presence of this transport, people can travel from one place to another and connect with many people in many places on earth.
All transportation technologies would not be possible to grow and create without the foundation of science that supports it. The foundation of science for all this technology is nothing but science and especially physics and mathematics.

Similarly, in the field of communications and computers, have evolved specific areas in the field of communications and computer is called information technology and communication ( ICT ). technology developments have taken place so rapidly.
With communication technology, people can communicate and interact with each other even within a great distance. With the phone has evolved into mobile phones (cell phones), people can talk and interact from a distance and without the need to meet in person.

Especially with the computers and the internet, so a lot of convenience that can be enjoyed by people who previously could not and never imagined to do. All of this technology would be created along with the development of science with theories, principles, and concepts that underlie them.

Aircraft and rockets can be made based on the laws of Newton and Bernouli. Ships and submarines related to natural law proposed by Archimedes. The computer in the form of a simple and compact can be made after the creation of transistors and ICs that utilize semiconductor material whose theory proposed by some quantum physicists. Lasers are widely used in the CD player and some medical devices utilizing quantum physics theories that have been put forward by Einstein, Pauli, Heisenberg, and his friends. And, there are many more tools and new technologies can be designed and made using the existing physical theories

No exaggeration if we say that physics is the basic science or basic science of science and technology. Concepts and principles in physics are widely used to build or establish new technologies. Scientific physics itself continues to evolve to be able to find an explanation or a new theory that could explain the new phenomena. In fact, the current physics are also beginning to be used in social and economic fields. Principles and theories in physics began to be used to find a solution or explain phenomena in social and economic development.

Physics and mathematics are widely used in the manufacture of new technologies as physics and mathematics has provided the theoretical basis and scientific background. The principle of physics is then formed in the shape of a mathematical model in the form of mathematical equations for a particular problem then a solution will be sought from the equation. This is true in all fields, including engineering and social and economic development.

Physics also provides scientific and reasonable explanation of a natural event or technical factors that need an excuse or explanation. For example, an engineer who wants to design a bridge would have to take into account everything that made ​​the bridge will be strong and resistant to physical disturbance. The calculation, of course, includes all the theories and concepts of physics that apply to the bridge and use mathematical models accordingly. Physical theory is always used in the creation and establishment of new technologies.

This is why physics together with maths called basic science. Principles, theories, and concepts used in the field of science and technology.

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