Education System in South Korea

Feb 20, 2013

Education System in korea is 6 years primary, 3 years of junior high school,
3 years of high school and 4 years of university, generally consisting of 6-3-3-4.
For elementary and junior high schools all costs borne by the government for 9 years. The education system from pre-school to college is divided into two semesters per year.
When completed the first semester of school will be a full month off in the summer.
If the second half and completed prior to the start of the new semester will be a holiday season in winter and spring for 2 months.

For schools kindergarten " Youchiwon " starting age 3 to 6 years, whenever allowed in the school of origin is sufficient his age. Actually there is also the age of 2 years but the school and the alternate school day is not a day, a few hours only privately owned. Pre-school was state-owned and private. For private preschool government will assist, supervise and mindful processing kindergarten schools

form of learning in schools re-robots

Both land and private pre-schools have the same education program, which teaches more independence, creativity and socializing with the environment. Teach about everyday life, defecate, change clothes, brush your teeth and others.

For low income families, such as farmers and fishermen usually usiannya children 5 years of education assistance. When children want to go through pre-school education teachers in schools that will provide direct consultation after it received a new student at the school.

Children 6 years of age as of January 1 allowed entry into primary school, Korea had a year for the birth of the calculation at birth will be calculated as 1 years old to 6 years old so we think the people of Indonesia in korea is 7 years old.

Before entering elementary school typically for pre-school children will be brought to the school to just look at how the rest of their school. In general, children who enter primary school receives school admission notification in February and early March. Then can enroll in primary school.

Elementary education starting from grade one to grade six if no special thing every year could go up a class. Types of primary schools are also divided by 2 is the government and the private sector. Education same period the difference is only on the specific program and the private school must pay tuition. In Korea compulsory education up to junior high and it is free of charge, to high school tuition became the responsibility of the individual.

Korea alone has 2 children only enough regulation, before the date they will be the future for the younger generation will lack it they provide rules for families who have more than 2 children, each child will be given a monthly allowance

In each class for the junior class has a guardian who will pay attention to the lives and direct their students, and for each subject has a teaching staff that is different. Their subjects consisted of Korean language, moral, social, moral, mathematics, science, science, sports, music, arts, skills, English. In their first day at school for 6 hours, and every semester there are 2 times the test evaluation, the results will be sent to their respective homes.

Stepping in grade 3 and grade students' ability will be considered to continue to high school, the homeroom teacher will present memperi advice and guidance to high school they went to.

For high school education consists of three parts: General puffy School, High School of Economics and the School of Special puffy. In general secondary school study subjects required for college admission. School of Economics given subject are the subjects required to come to work. Special School is a school that provides specialized skills such as field scince or foreign languages​​, sports and others. Students graduating from high school if it can work or go to college.

Universities in Korea divided into two, namely, a period of 4 years of education and 2 years, mostly to learn the basics about the subject of vocational skills, in contrast to 4-year education period studied scientifically. appropriate basis Tuhuan University is divided into the Public University, niversitas Vocational and Special University. Universities Vocational education for example, communications, accounting, engineering. Special University include taxation, police and military academies. We will enter the University in general specified value each year of high school and take exams skills and talents. Although they can get into university with the second value is slightly different for the election of students at each university as per University.

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