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Feb 27, 2013

" the importance of education to a student religious values "

Religious education is a process of inculturation of the public to pass on religious values ​​to the next generation so that these values ​​are not lost. Religious education is carried out by the short-term investments and long-term, which always proceeds lifetime. In order to achieve the goal of religious education established the participation of the social components are needed.
Overall the components that exist in the community ( the entire social order ) that economic institutions, politics, culture, technology, education, had to walk in balance and harmony with each other and should support each other for the purpose of religious education can be carried out in accordance with the expected .

As noted earlier that the educational curriculum, religious education is an integral part of education curriculum contained in or attached to each subject as part of the educational value. Therefore, religious values ​​will always give style to the national level.

In practice, religious education in the national education system, both of which are on the path to school and non-school education, at least appear in some form or categories differ substantially, both in nature and in the implications of its implementation as follows.

The existence of Religious Subjects
In basic education, religious education is compulsory along with 12 other study materials. In secondary education, religious education is also compulsory education with Country Education and Citizenship Education. Thus, religious education in the education system is very important nations existence.

Meanwhile, problems or challenges faced in the implementation of religious education as a subject in schools today is how to teach religious education not only knowledge about the religion, but it can lead students to become a man who really has a strong religious qualities. Thus, the matter of religious education is not only a science, but it can shape the attitude and personality of the learner to become a faithful and pious man in the real sense, especially when the time shift values ​​that exist as a result of the advance of science and technology.

Attach religious values ​​on Any Subject
The third form is the her basic more subtle, but it has a very important role in developing religious values ​​on students.
Of course, many obstacles are encountered, especially with regard to the ability of educators, both related to the mastery of methods, as well as the demands of a teacher has a strong faith and piety, along with his willingness to develop the values ​​of faith and piety to the students.

Investment Value of Religion in Family values
The family is part of school education as a vehicle for religious education of the most powerful.

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