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Feb 27, 2013

The discovery of mathematics education

Methods of the invention in this study was guided discovery method. In regard to the teaching of mathematics, guided discovery method is the most appropriate term for the students adapted to the conditions that basically is not the inventor, for it will be found that is already known by the teacher or anyone else, and here the student is not a scientist but prospective scientists . guided discovery method.

The function of the teacher in this method is not to solve problems for students, but rather to make students able to solve the problem yourself with the help of the teacher as needed so that learning involves memory optimally both teachers and students.

To plan for teaching with the discovery should be noted that

1. Activities students to learn on their own very influential.
2.Results (shape) was found by the end of the student.
3.Necessary preconditions students already owned.
4.Teachers act as advisors and mentors, not notice.

Strengths and Weaknesses Guided Discovery Methods

* 5 Power of Guided Discovery Method
1.Students actively in learning activities, for he thinks and uses the ability to find the end result.
2.Students fully understand the subject material, because it had its own process to find it. Something that is obtained in this way much longer remembered.
3.Finding itself creates a feeling of satisfaction. Inner satisfaction is encouraging to conduct further discovery to increased interest in learning.
4.Students who acquire knowledge by the method of the invention will be better able to transfer their knowledge to different contexts.
5.This method trains students to learn more myself.

* 5 Guided Discovery Problems
1.This method is time-consuming, it also does not ensure students stay motivated to seek discoveries.
2.Not all teachers have the appetite or ability to teach by the invention unless the teachers are pretty heavy duty.
3.Not all children are able to perform discovery
4.This method can not be used to teach each topic.
5.Classes are a lot of students would be very inconvenient teachers in providing guidance and direction to learn the methods of the invention.

Importance of Learning Discovery

1.In fact, science is obtained through discovery
2.Mathematics is the language of the abstract. Concept and others that will be attached if through discovery, by way of manipulating and experience with concrete objects.
3.Generalization is important for generalization through the discovery will be more advanced.
4.Can improve problem-solving skills
5.Every child is a creative being
6.Find something by yourself, can increase motivation, conduct further assessment, to foster a positive attitude towards mathematics.

learning methods such as these are one in a thousand of the mathematics teaching methods implemented by all teachers in the world.
This is a step positive that growth and the level of understanding of the science of mathematics more understandable by many students.

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