Education System in Japan

Feb 20, 2013

Japan is one of the most advanced countries in many areas of life: economic, technological, scientific, social, political, etc

Progress is certainly closely related to the advancement of education.
How does the education system in Japan ?
Japanese education system is built on the principles of :

* legalism

* Administration of a democratic

* neutrality

* Adjustment and setting the state of education

* Decentralization.

Education aims to :

1.Develop full of personality
2. Working hard to build a healthy human mind and body,
3. Who love truth and justice,
4. Respect for the individual,
5. Appreciate the work,
6. Having a deep sense of responsibility, and
7. Having an independent spirit as a nation builder and a peaceful society.

Educational administration system built in four levels: central, prefectures (between provincial and district), municipal (between the district and sub-district), and schools. Each level of the educational administration has a role and authority of complementary and collaborative. In addition, there are associations, principals, teachers, students, and parents who support school development.

The purpose of education is to raise a healthy child and a full mind and body aesthetics, to produce an ideal student, the student who always train yourself, follow the rules, willing to work for free, and have the foundation to think internationally. Furthermore, the purpose of education at the school level are translated back into the goal in each class, as can be seen in Figure 1. ( Kawanigashi Junior Secondary School, 2000 ). The purpose of education is further elaborated for each subject, and even for each class meeting. To achieve these objectives outlined what material will be covered, what to do students and teachers what to do and how to do it are all stated in the work plan (working plan) prepared teachers for each class meeting. Thus, both the students and teachers have a clear direction guidance in the teaching-learning process.

In general, the teaching methods used in schools in Japan is a combination of :

1.Explanation of and discussion with teachers,
2. Discussion among students,
3.and Exploration by the students themselves using the tools of learning.

At the beginning student usually provides an explanation as an introduction, then a discussion of their fellow students and or explore the use of learning tools such as multimedia, laboratory, etc.. according to the subject and needs. Results and discussion or exploration and presented to the class with teacher guidance.

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