Irony Of a Book

Mar 1, 2013

" Internet vs. books "

Developing more life is something very dream everyone. This is a very reasonable thing to modern life such as this human curiosity can now be said to have been reached between the stars.
as science has become a driving force of everything from eating to sleeping we will not be separated from anything that smells technology.
any school activities, playing at home, playing with friends and we are all the more condensed by means of technology.

no one else can in the world able to live without the presence of technology. an irony itself is nothing to blame the advent of technology for us because from the beginning in terms of the progress made ​​and the technology is developing world.

This is my personal experience as a teacher. I am not an anti-technology or anything. I am also not a tech junkie, I've asked one of my students to study harder because of all the values ​​under the standard curriculum. for a review to make sure I was doing what his students turned out I was playing online and was done continuously by him every day.

charts the growth of the internet

I tried to help in resolving problems in the face it.
I was often in charge of a number of books for him so that he would try to read it but all was in vain he prefers playing her favorite online games and at the end of the semester he was not up grade.

an irony of pleasure for me personally.
whether this is a manifestation of the positive impact of technological civilization is called learning or education curricula that are less precise. ?

shift in the core value of any book nowadays started with the presence of technologically displaced. acceleration of the growth dynamics of the Internet is now becoming a very serious scourge and it is important for some people.
of start looking for information to a serious problem. This is because the number of sources that can be made in a review of the information from the website about the game until a comprehensive adult smelled.

a book that should be number one in the media is starting school now displaced by the Internet even now almost replaced by the portable computer. notebooks and mobile phones.

Positioned within that context, the book becomes a marker that functions beyond its denotation. He is not just a tool, but rather a subject. ie the subject of the journey of human civilization. After all, if we still view the paper as a tool though, is not, as said Mc.Luhan, the medium itself is the message ( the medium is the message ). By this means that the book is an entity that represents the world ( the world of paper ). Borrowing Karl Marx, the book became " members panorama it " that privileged. The paper has defined who you are.

This century was a time in which all beings must lead to visual pleasure ( form follow visual fun ). One hardly need more substance and reflection. All things can be achieved with a mechanism to watch or stare (gaze mechanism), including snooping and stalking. The mechanism of transfer of such information would be nice, at least we can swallow quickly finished material, a sort of eating fast food ( fast food ). Instead, read the data contained in the paper ( paper civilizations ) requires more hard work ( at least the brain must use more leverage ) and therefore become ineffective.

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