Consulting Psychologist Education

Feb 27, 2013

" Psychologist Education "

How a psychologist to see how to solve the problems faced by clients ?. This solution is given both to students, parents, or requiring personal psychologists solution services. With the exchange of ideas is expected to be completed this client so that the client can appear as a person physically and spiritually prosperous and able to face life with passion and certainly more productive. This is less than the number of stages that we can develop to cope with mental problems and how we handle it.!!

Psychological Examination.
Is a comprehensive examination of the client in all aspects of development. This examination begins from the level of intelligence ( IQ ), emotional social capabilities, skills possessed, interests and talents, as well as the discovery of the potential that can be developed.

Is a training program conducted in groups of at least 5 people to master certain competencies.
skills such as self-concept, motivation, leadership, parenting, life skills, and other skills needed to become a thriving and productive human beings in carrying out their daily lives.

Human Resource Development.
Is a recruitment services, placement office, and also outsource to certain positions. In addition, consultant in human resource development in the company's human resources problems that can be solved with the scientific approach to psychology.

Educational psychologist.
improve the quality of education in schools by utilizing the services of a psychologist. Psychologist services can be started from the intervention system of education, teacher training, parent training, and psychological examinations of students (psychological). Psychological test can be administered individually or group.

Remedial & Therapeutic.
Remedial given to students who fall behind to the particular field of study. Therapy was given to someone who needs increased cognitive, emotional power, or to develop an appropriate and adaptive behavior in the community. Therapy administered either from children to adults.

Community Empowerment.

Often the problems of a particular community ranging from student brawls, conflicts, until terrorism is rooted in the pattern of the existing education system in the community either public or parenting parents. Completion intervention groups in a society is a solution so that the community and the individuals in it are not having problems, prolonged conflict and the emergence of potential psychological problems are more acute. This problem is characterized by members of the public an easy stress, easy emotions, and easily display unexpected behavior.

Psychology research.
This study aims to find the root of the problems that occur in society. By doing research, it is possible the problem can be resolved properly.

Did you know that 95% of Delinquency Caused Error Occurred Teens Educating Parents on Early Childhood ?

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