Initial Establishment of the United States Constitution System

Feb 23, 2013

" United States Constitution "

The Constitution is basically the beginning of the establishment of a state, how to treat the people well is the most in priority by the state and central government officials.
This is a system that should be implemented in all countries not only in the United States alone.
After debating the problems with the Articles of Confederation, the representatives in Philadelphia decided that rather than rewrite the articles they would instead create a new constitution that would form a new central government.

After several months of debate, and compromise, they signed the Constitution of the United States into law, creating the United States of America.


This new federal government was much stronger than the confederate government had been. In order to protect citizens, power was divided between three separate but equal branches of government. These branches were the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Each branch of government had checks and balances that insured that no one branch could grow too powerful.

This constitution also guaranteed certain rights to the people, helping to insure that they were treated fairly. Shortly after the constitution was signed, 10 amendments were added to it, known as the Bill of Rights, which granted even more freedoms to the people of the United States.

This new nation was to be headed by a President rather than a monarch. This President would be elected by the legislature, which was in turn elected by the people. This type of government is known as a REPUBLICK.

This will result in the prevalence of stability in the lives of the people of a country. this system is the first system in the reference in the United States at that time.

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